片名 Vincent
                    年代 1987
                    国家 澳大利亚
                    类别 剧情/卡通/传记
                    语言 英语
                    片长 95 Min
                    导演 Paul Cox

                            Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
                       Paul Cox
                      Cast (in alphabetical order)
                       John Hurt .... (voice)
                       Marika Rivera
                       Gabriella Trsek
                        Produced by
                       Tony Llewellyn-Jones .... producer
                        Original Music by
                        Norman Kaye
                        Cinematography by
                        Paul Cox
                        Film Edited by
                        Paul Cox
                     Sound Department
                     James Currie .... sound

        The Definitive Van Gogh, 27 September 2005
          Author: Zen Bones from USA

          I can only imagine how pleased Van Gogh would be at seeing his work articulated through Paul Cox's lens. Interspersed with countless images of Van Gogh's original work, are cinematic images of the landscapes, the still-lifes, the town, and the people that Van Gogh knew so well. Cox unassumingly uses real people and costumes in an almost dream-like fashion; they exist along the edges of the film, in a sort of blur; as if we were living directly in Van Gogh's dreams and memories. What's most astounding though, is that I never knew what an incredibly gifted writer Van Gogh was. The entire film is narration of Van Gogh's words, in letters written to his brother. His passion, idealism, and frustration are articulated in ways that are so tangible … it makes all other works about frustrated idealists seem downright silly. It took me a while to warm up to John Hurt's narration because I kept envisioning him instead of Van Gogh, but after a little while I got lost in the words just and concentrated on the feeling that Hurt was evoking. By the end I was in tears. It's the best film about an artist that I've ever seen.


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